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Hilderstone College in Broadstairs celebrates 50 years

IALC article – interview with our Head of Marketing, Lynne Hoenes

31 January 2020

This year IALC-accredited English language school, Hilderstone College celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Since 1970 Hilderstone has run quality courses for students and teachers from all over the world from its centre in Broadstairs, UK.

In an interview with Lynne Hoenes, the school’s Head of Marketing explains that Hilderstone are delighted to be celebrating 50 years in the industry in 2020 and will continue to develop.

Q: You were established in 1970. How have things changed at the school since then?

Like most schools, over the 50 years, we have modernised from blackboards to computer technology in the classroom. We have expanded into 4 buildings, increased our number of nationalities and have been able to create a specially designed Learning Centre.  However, some things have remained the same: our commitment to a quality service, our commitment to supporting our staff and our commitment to doing things well.

Q: What is special about Broadstairs?

Broadstairs is a beautiful seaside town with golden, sandy beaches, just 80 minutes from London by high-speed train.

Q: What are the most popular student activities?

We organise a range of exciting and interesting evening activities, popular activities include: quizzes, live music, film, disco, karaoke, folk and salsa dancing.  We offer a range of indoor and outdoor sports opportunities and a half-day excursion every Friday and a full-day every Saturday.

Q. You have been a member of IALC for 6 years, what does it mean for you as an independent language school to be a part of our association?

We value our association with IALC. We believe that we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the many fantastic schools in the IALC Family. Equally, we think we provide the service that our valued clients and ETOs wish from us. An IALC ETO is a special ETO and we find those clients a pleasure to work with.

IALC would like to congratulate Hilderstone on providing high quality language courses for 50 years.

To find out more about learning English at Hilderstone College click here.

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