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We recently asked one of our regular teen groups, from Switzerland, to write about their experience here during their course, as well as their advice to future Hilderstone  students on how to make the most of their time here in Broadstairs, and in the UK generally.

Taking a language course in a native country is such a great opportunity, and here are some of their ideas to use the experience in the best way possible!

  • Make sure that when you step out of the airplane you instantly switch to English!     Angela    
  • Stay with a host family, and not with other students. You improve your language skills more by talking to locals. You also get to know the culture more, and it also helps to build your listening skills.                        Maria     
  • Being part of a family is amazing because there will always be something to talk about and they are very understanding.                Melissa
  • If your homestay family are quiet, it will be important for you to try to start conversations and ask them questions.                        Sara
  • Do not be afraid of making mistakes… they are a good way to get better!                 Maria
  • Don’t worry about making mistakes. The people here are quite understanding and they will help you if you have any problems.                                                                           Natalie
  • You shouldn’t speak in your native tongue with anybody!                                               Larissa
  • I’m always trying to speak more often, use adjectives and speak more loudly, and all that is definitely not what I’m like! Angela                                                                           
  • Stay in a homestay with students from a different country. If you don’t even have the opportunity to use your native language, you are going to see a bigger improvement in your language skills.                                                                                                                          Nathalie 
  • The host family often talk to you a lot; they can tell you interesting stories about their life, their city or their family, and when the hosts talk to each other, you can listen to them.    Sara
  • It’s really important not to be afraid of making mistakes!                                               Angela
  • There is no better way of improving your language skills and becoming more confident speaking the language than going to a country where it’s spoken. Even if it’s pricey, it’s worth the money.                                                                                                          Melissa
  • (If you’re in a group) Plan ahead. There is nothing worse than stumbling through a city cluelessly before wasting half an hour deciding whether you wish to go to Chinatown or to a museum!
  •   Meret
  • While you’re here, try to make some new friends or get to know the local people, because I didn’t and I really regret it…. They can help you to improve your speaking and listening skills. You might get to know some slang words which you’ve never heard before!       Silvia  
  • Try to get in touch with other locals – you could join a sports club, for example. On excursions you also make contact with with locals easily.                                    Sara  
  • I highly recommend that you talk the whole time in English, because you will improve your pronunciation so much more.                                                                                      Dea
  • You only need to be open-minded and meeting new people will be easy.         Melissa
  • Please take my advice and plan enough recreational time into your stay.           Meret

Do you agree with their ideas? Do you have any other suggestions? If so, write and let us know!

And finally, here is some feedback about the group’s experience of studying at Hilderstone and living in Broadstairs.

Many, many thanks to all the above students for their fantastic feedback and advice!


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