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Hilderstone College on the BBC

Our Principal discusses the problems regarding travel ID requirements for EU students post-Brexit

Government policy after Brexit now means that all students coming to the UK must have a valid passport . Before Brexit, European students could travel on their ID card. Many Europeans don’t have passports as they don’t need them to travel around Europe. However, now if they wish to study English they have to apply for one….and pay a lot of money for it!

Hilderstone College, and many other language schools in the UK have suffered financially because of this change in the rule. As an industry, we have lost many millions of pounds. That money, and those students, have gone to Ireland and Malta instead. 

Our Principal, Lee, met with our local MP in July to ask him to lobby the government on our behalf about this and he wrote about the issue on his social media page. The BBC saw the story and came to Hilderstone to discuss it.

The result was a very supportive item on the BBC South East news, both at lunchtime and on the main 6.30 show.

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