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INTERN PAGE: Ivana talks about her experience at Hilderstone College

I have been doing an internship at Hilderstone College for 4 weeks now. My trainee programme covers every aspect of the College’s professional life.  My weekly schedule is very varied, which I really love. I have the opportunity  to be a part of every department at the College.  I assist the Finance department, Marketing, Accommodation and Welfare, and I also spend some time helping the Principal. During my internship I have learned about accounting, creating promotional materials and newsletters. I have been invited to a meeting with a new homestay family, interviews with students and I have also experienced shooting a video about the College.

I can honestly say I enjoy every day here. It is the best way I can gain practical and pragmatic experience and learn how to do the work well, rather than simply reading about the theory. A major advantage of internships is establishing relationships with working professionals in every field at the college, and then with students as well. A member of each department has always a reserved time for me, and they are like my personal and professional mentors.

Moreover, the College organizes a social programme every day. I have enjoyed a roller disco, folk dance and welcome evening, and I like the educational evening talks and other activities.

Doing a traineeship at the Hilderstone College is for me a great step on my path to being a lecturer in International Business. I am a member of a wider multicultural environment and can educate and practise school management from every field.   

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