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Lieke from Holland

Lieke Plugmann studied with us in the summer of 2015. Her constant smile and positive attitude  is remembered by many. We were thrilled when we learned she has passed her degree in Holland where much of her work was researched and written in English.

Below she writes about her experience at Hilderstone College.

It wasn’t just improving my English, I got to know myself much better

The moment you decide to go to a school in another country which is not yours, expectations arise. You imagine what the school will look like, what the lessons will be and which people you’ll meet. However, I never realized that there would be so many more. Yes, I decided to go to Hilderstone to improve my English. And yes, I thought I’d meet new people. Both these things happened. But for the first time I discovered the feeling of ‘being free’. So there was space and freedom to learn about myself. I faced my insecurities and fears. I learned about the things I want to do in life as well as the norms and values I had embraced but perhaps had to reconsider. All these things were a gift to me. Today I still remember Hilderstone as a beautiful place. I had such a great time. I recommend this place to all who consider studying English abroad. For me it was a ‘once in a lifetime experience’ which I never had before and I’ll never forget.

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