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‘One of my best ideas in a long time’

We were delighted to receive this wonderful review by Yana, 16, from Russia. During the lessons she always smiled and had a great time. We really enjoyed teaching her. Perhaps this photo was taken when she realised she had no more classes…

It was great to meet you Yana and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Taking this course was one of my best ideas in a long time. It was a great pleasure for me to have a conversation with the native speaker who was paying attention to all the students and being so nice and kind. This course was bound to improve our English skills, to give us the experience of debating and broadening our horizons. Explaining everything in English helped us to navigate in our vocabulary.
All the topics were aimed at our interests. We were glad to speak about things that all the teenagers would like to discuss.

P.S. Five days was enough (and even less) to take a fancy to our teachers Sam and Lee, who were so patient and qualified.
Looking forward to seeing and hearing them again.

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