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A month in Broadstairs

By JAN KUSÁK from the Czech Republic

As you’d expect, it’s a lot quieter at Hilderstone College this year due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. However, the Hilderstone team (and our industry as a whole) are doing everything possible to offer students a really positive experience of their time in the UK. What’s more, if you are able to travel, there are definitely some advantages to this quieter period, as one of our current students, Jan, explains below:

Broadstairs is a town located in the southeast of England. Normally, it is very busy – Hilderstone College is crowded with students, while the beaches and sights are equally busy with tourists – so, the town itself never sleeps. However, since the pandemic started Broadstairs has acquired the reputation of a quiet town. Now you may be on the fence, trying to decide if it’s worth going there or not. But on this one you can trust me – it definitely is worth coming here.

Your ‘Intensive English’ courses will be even more intensive, therefore after a while you will notice a great improvement of your communication skills, reading and grammar. From the beginning to the end of my study at the college there weren’t more than 10 students. Someone may be feeling uncomfortable with such a small number of students, but for me it was very beneficial, for the reason that I have made many new friends here.

Learning English doesn’t need to be just about doing your homework and attending school as a routine. You can improve your language skills by attending Hilderstone’s social programme, which offers more than just trips. For instance, I participated in a table tennis competition and although I was a complete loser in these matches, I enjoyed it as well as other social programmes.

If you have already made your decision, don’t forget to bring clothes suitable for every season. The weather these days changes a lot and you never know what to expect.

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