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‘An outstanding language school’ – online course review

We were delighted to receive this wonderful review from Victoria from Germany, who recently studied online with us. Thank you, Victoria, and we wish you the best of luck with your future studies!

From July 20th to 7th August 2020 I was lucky to attend an Online Intensive English Language Course at Advanced Level for University Students at Hilderstone College sponsored by the German National Scholarship Foundation. Moreover, I enriched my learning experience with an additional IELTS preparational course which helped me achieve a C2 level score and enabled me to successfully apply at British universities (as a Visiting Student). In these three weeks, I experienced excellent teaching and support from my teachers who managed the challenging task to teach online without us noticing the difficulty. Not only did they come up with innovative concepts, they also encouraged us to participate in discussions with native speakers and improved my confidence and oral fluency significantly. As our class was already familiar with basic grammatical structures, I enjoyed the chance to engage with language at a deeper level, focusing, for example, on more complex topics such as information flow. Additionally, I highly appreciated the teachers´ effort to focus on every student individually by offering one-to-one teaching or using their expertise to improve our CVs as we could always ask for their help.

Apart from class-time activities, I vividly remember the social programme which provided fun activities and valuable insights into British culture. Now I am not only capable of discussing grammatical structures but also the quality of British food or the peculiarities of British Pub culture.

All in all, I can highly recommend attending a course at Hilderstone College as an outstanding language school but most importantly as a centre for international friendships!

Victoria Sievers

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