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ELT authors and former Hilderstone teachers/teacher trainers TESSA WOODWARD and SETH LINDSTROMBERG write about their Hilderstone memories.

We joined Hilderstone College, as part-time lecturers, in 1986 and left, as part-timers, 32 years later, in the summer of 2018. Over that time we saw a few changes! When we arrived there was a big tree in the garden and a bar in the building! All the teachers shared one big table for study and lesson planning and students could learn things like photography.

By the time we left, there was a fully-fledged theatre running on the ‘campus’, every teacher had their own desk and computer and there was a very well-run café.

Some things however, had remained the same all that time. As both of us, being part-time, had also worked for a number of other organisations over the years, we especially noticed that, at Hilderstone, there was good professional and personal support for all the staff and every care was taken to make sure that students were safe, happy and learning at the college. These are hallmarks of excellence!

Hilderstone college is 50 years old. Wow! How wonderful and amazing is that! Well done to all!

And good wishes to all!

Tessa Woodward and Seth Lindstromberg



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