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“I’m happy when I go to Hilderstone College every morning.”

Ali, from Kuwait, started his studies with us before lockdown, and returned to us last month to continue his studies. Here’s what he has to say about his Hilderstone Experience!

First of all, I would like to thank the administration and teachers of Hilderstone College, because they gave us the opportunity to talk about it.

I chose Hilderstone College because my friend recommended it to me. I like Broadstairs because it’s quiet, nice and beautiful. I’m learning English for the IELTS exam and I would like to get a grade of 6.0 so I want to improve my skills in all parts (listening-speaking-writing-reading).

I’m happy when I go to Hilderstone College every morning. I hope to improve my English in the future and I’m optimistic about it because I have improved my skills, but I have a bad memory so I find it difficult to remember new words.

I’m living with a lovely host family in a beautiful house close to the college. The host family consists of a father and mother who are called Ron and Lynn. Their house has a very beautiful garden with a nice wooden summerhouse. I enjoyed sitting in the summerhouse when I was in quarantine.

I speak with other students in the college at break times and in the classroom. I am learning about the cultures of different countries and I have many friends from those countries. I think that it is a great experience.

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