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Student review by Beyza from Turkey

I have been in Broadstairs since 4th October. I chose Hilderstone College because my brother came here last year and he has excellent English now. He wanted me to go to this school because he was sure that I would learn English the best way possible and I am really delighted that I am here. I have been learning English because I would like to take the IELTS exam. Moreover I might possibly need English for my future studies or working life.

Living in Broadstairs feels like being on holiday. Broadstairs is a small town and is not busy. There is a gorgeous beach and there are lots of pubs, restaurants and cafes. My favourite things to do are speaking with my teachers and learning about the culture of other countries in my classes. The most difficult thing about learning English is speaking, which is challenging  for me because I still think in Turkish.  

Consequently, when I speak English I feel stressed; however if you can not speak English well, do not worry about that, because the teachers at Hilderstone will definitely help you to speak or learn. You should believe in yourself because people who do not believe in themselves won’t achieve their goals. My favourite word is ‘challenging’ because it was taught to me for the first time by my teacher to use in an exam. I will never forget it. Another of my favourite words is ‘inspirational’. Break times at school are adequate for us and we can play table tennis or pool and listen to music together. From time to time I think it’s good that I came here and now I am here and I enjoy learning with my teachers and friends.

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