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‘My experience at Hilderstone College’ by Mats from Switzerland

Mats recently completed his course here at Hilderstone, but then continued to study online with us when he returned to Switzerland. Here’s what he has to say about his Hilderstone Experience!

When I realized that it would be good to improve my English, I made the decision to travel to England and to study there. At first I wasn’t sure which part of England or which school was good for me. After a short conversation with a language school company from Switzerland, I made my decision to go to Broadstairs and to Hilderstone College. I had a great time there. The school is a nice and convenient building with a nice garden to relax at the back. The experience that I had with my teachers was a very good one. They`re understanding, kind and professional. When I was there I felt like I was in a family at the College.

Broadstairs is a seaside town and accordingly a windy town. Along the high street you can find a lot of small shops and in the part which is directly by the sea you can find a lot of good restaurants and several pubs. The sea, the beach and the cliffs are marvellous. When the sunrise appears it’s the best time to be at the sea there. I`d recommend Hilderstone College and Broadstairs too, I had only good experiences with almost everything. When you want to do something different and to improve your English, it`s the perfect place to be.

Thanks Mats! We wish you all the best with your future studies.

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