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QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 18th June 2018: Phrasal verbs with ‘on’

Do you know the missing verbs? Try without any help, and then choose from the list below if you get stuck! Remember you might need to change the verb form to fit the sentence, e.g. past simple.

1) The Rubik’s Cube puzzle really ________ ON in the 1970s.
(became popular)

2) I don’t think the teacher really likes Ivan – she always ______ ON him in class. (repeatedly criticise)

3) I have to leave the classroom for a minute, but please _______ ON with your work. (continue)

4) I’m not ready! _______ ON a moment! (wait)

5) My sister and I don’t really _______ ON – we argue a lot.
(have a good relationship)

6) The business was expanding, so they decided to ______ ON more staff. (employ)

7) Can you _______ ON the radio, please? I’d like some music.

8) If you’re sure you don’t have any questions, let’s ______ ON to the next point of discussion. (progress)

CHOOSE FROM: hold/hang take turn/switch catch
get move pick carry

Check your answers below!


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