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QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 4th June 2018: ‘MONEY’ VOCABULARY

‘MONEY makes the world go round’, as we say in English….or is it ‘the root of all evil’? Whatever you think, it’s important to know some of the key words related to money and finance. Can you complete the words below?

1) My salary goes directly into my c_____t account every month.
2) Most people need a m______e from the bank to buy a house or flat.
3) Have you got any small c_____e for the coffee machine? I’ve only got a £5 note!
4) When you pay for something, the shop assistant gives you a r_____t.
5) We didn’t want a dessert, so we paid the b__l and went home.
6) At the bank, you speak to a c_____r if you want to take out money or have any questions.
7) These trousers were a b_____n – only £20! They normally cost £50!
8) My mum didn’t like the blouse I bought her, so I took it back to the shop to get a r____d.
9) Some shops and cinemas here give you a d______t if you are a student – usually 10% or 20% cheaper.
10) A salary is normally paid monthly, whereas a w__e is paid weekly.

When you have finished, check the answers below.


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