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Russian school group have happy Hilderstone memories

Group leader Victoriia wrote to us about her group’s experiences during their recent course at Hilderstone College. Thank you Victoriia, and we look forward to seeing you here again!

Hello, Broadstairs!

This was not the school’s first trip to Hilderstone College , but the first for me. And it impressed me very much: the buildings, conversations, people… You have an itching desire to picture your every step and surroundings there. Staying in the UK you aren’t only studying, talking and socializing but breaking new ground. Whether it’s Royal Family lectures, fireworks at Viking Bay, trips to Dover Castle, London, Cambridge, Brighton or Canterbury, every tiny thing is spectacular. Thank you Guy, Daniel, Johnny, Mike and all the other teachers, who did their best to improve our skills. We’ll remember it all. Thanks to the Financial Department and Lynne, and others, and, of course, the Principal, Lee – you are the best! And last but not least, sightseeing, the aroma of lavender and the people you meet there. We’re gonna miss you and see you soon ^^

From Russia with love.

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