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Memories of the early days of Hilderstone College

Ayoub from Libya writes about his memories of being a Hilderstone student in 1983!

I was a student at Hilderstone 36 years ago . We reached Hilderstone on 8 March, 1983 in the afternoon , we had a warm welcome from all the staff , and the landlords were waiting to pick up us to take us to our homestays . I lived in Beacon Road, Broadstairs. During our study we had wonderful teachers, and learnt a lot from them; they gave us many different activities so we never minded that we were away from our homelands. Songs were used in teaching, and I still keep them. Some of the teachers were the Principal, David, Josephine, Irene, Derek and the great woman, Alice, who offered tea and coffee to all staff and students.

I hope I managed to give an idea about Hilderstone of that time. I really loved those days and hope to see Hilderstone again.

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