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Sena, from Turkey, was a student in 2016-17. She worked really hard and it was a pleasure to see her level advance.

Coming to England and choosing Hilderstone College was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I had so much fun while learning English because my teachers were caring, kind and tactful. In Hilderstone, there are always interesting activities to do and places to see for free times. I can say that I have also learned a lot of things about other cultures and met people from around the world which brought me so many good memories. For sure the funniest part was me learning English while having fun. When I first came to Hilderstone I couldn’t speak English well but surprisingly after a month, I was able to express myself easily which was magical for me.  After finishing my course, I was full of happiness and sadness at the same time. The reason of my happiness was I was able to speak and understand English in an efficient way. Special thanks to everyone who helped me learn English better (my teachers, host family, friends) so that I am doing my best to achieve my goals. I could not succeed in my university without their help. However, I was upset because I had to say goodbye to the good memories I had at Hilderstone College. I visited amazing places, learned how to make pottery and traditional Christmas “mince pie cake”. To conclude, I consider the time I had in Broadstairs as the very best time in my life.

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