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Agnes came to us in the autumn of 2015 and stayed into 2016. With her constant smile and energy she worked hard to reach her level and get on a Masters course in Sheffield. It was no surprise to us when we heard that she had graduated.

When I went to Hilderstone College to improve speaking and writing, it was the time I needed to improve my IELTS score, which was 6 in the average for the second time. I had to reach 7 in next 6 months. I had two fantastic teachers, which were Lee and Pierre, playing an important role in my English learning path. Pierre’s teaching was harsh but helpful. He initiated IELTS reading tips that help you respond to the question more accurately and efficiently. Also, he told me to think in English, so my writing improved a lot, and to express myself in English, not Chinglish. Lee is a teacher for another class. However, he was always willing to spend time practising with me, in a 1v1 situation. Thanks to his help, I got 7 in speaking. Hilderstone is a great place that you can meet multi-cultural people while learning. Go and get a trial, you may get a wonderful experience there.

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