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Seran came to us in 2016 and was a really hard worker. She impressed her teachers because of her progress and efforts. Her continuing success at university in Turkey is no surprise to us and we wish her well on her upcoming study trip to Japan. That will be an exciting time for her!

Hello I am Seran Begen, from Turkey.

I stayed in Broadstairs for about 2 months in 2016 but I can guarantee that it was the most wonderful 2 months in my life since before arriving at Hilderstone College, I had no idea of my life. The whole frame of my mind would change in this time. I was too shy and had limited communication skills.These negatives were changed like a magic wand touching me.

It was the first foreign experience in my life. For that reason I was feeling a little bit nervous. I would soon realize that this was unnecessary since British people are absolutely so kind and helpful.

Hilderstone College is not just a language school for me, it was more like my second home. I think I enhanced my English skills quietly with amazing teachers but one of them will always be special and important for me. Lee – He always supported and led me not only in my education decisions but also my life .

I attended many social activities to get in contact with other students; it is another great opportunity for your speaking skills.

If I talk about the family I lived with, the family was really good and  helped me with everything. The first day they took me to my school. Another important point is that the College and the families were always in contact with the students .

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