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Teacher Development Course – review by Susanna, July 2019

Here’s a wonderful review by Susanna, an English teacher from Austria, who has just completed a Creative Teaching and Culture course here at Hilderstone College. Thank you, Susanna, and we look forward to seeing you again next year! 

When I decided to do advanced teacher training, I did not know much about Hilderstone College in Broadstairs, the two decisive factors only being my wish to get away from the scorching heat in the city and the recommendation of an experienced colleague.

Having just completed the course and travelling home, I can say that couldn’t have made a better choice. Hilderstone College has it all: dedicated, enthusiastic and cordial teachers and a challenging programme, which (as I had feared) was certainly not below my level of English; trips at the weekends that have left me with unique memories, not only because of the beautiful places I visited, but also because I made friends with my fellow teachers on the course within the first hour and we had an unforgettable time together on these excursions. The only drop of bitterness is that I had known too little about these trips beforehand, otherwise I would have stayed for the second weekend.

My homestay could not have been better, either. My host mum is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Not only does she cook absolutely deliciously, she is also a warm-hearted and educated lady who I had many inspiring conversations with (often education-related). Hence, I learned something for my job not only in the courses, but also in the evenings when we had dinner together.
I will miss Hilderstone, my host mum and my new friends terribly, but we are planning our next course together already, so I hope we will all be back next year and meet again.

Thank you, Hilderstone, for a great time with so many charming people.

Susanna Kappl

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