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Three months at Hilderstone

My name is Charlotte and I stayed for three months at Hilderstone until October 2017.

Although I could improve my English skills, it’s still difficult for me to write an essay! (I never liked it).

Always when I think back I have a big smile on my face because my time at the school was fabulous. I had great teachers who designed intriguing and funny classes.

I improved my writing, speaking, vocabulary and listening skills even though I’ve lost/forgotten some of my vocabulary since I’ve been back in Switzerland. I should have kept learning by myself. Despite this situation I have great memories.

The best thing was we didn’t have just classes we also had the opportunities to do some activities after lessons. In sports I chose between badminton, tennis and football and there were trips and talks too.

We had as well great relationships with all of the teachers and they treated us well. However, I got on very well with Jenny, Jonathan and Lee. They were my favourite teachers.

I also got on very well with my class colleagues and I still keep in touch with many of them. Three international classmates I’ve already met again. I also keep in touch with my favourite teachers, Lee is looking after my English skills so I’ll not lose them for sure J.

In conclusion it was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was a memorable experience and I would do it again. I can highly recommend Hilderstone School for its amazing skills and teachers.

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