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ONLINE COURSE REVIEW: ‘I really enjoyed the language course.’

Christina, from Germany, recently participated in an online course focusing on Academic English, with other university students. Here’s what she had to say about her Hilderstone experience.

I took part in a 3-week online course at Hilderstone College in September 2020. I felt a bit suspicious before because the course had to be online, but it was so great! The course was well organised and the communication with the staff at Hilderstone College was competent and friendly. I joined the course together with 7 other students. Right from the beginning there was a very good and friendly atmosphere. Every day there were two intense hours meeting the teacher and the whole group via Zoom. During this time, different topics were explained, practised and discussed. This was done in the whole group or in smaller groups in breakout-rooms with changing participants of the group. The teacher was passing by from time to time to see if there were any questions or problems.

The whole concept worked well and was very efficient concerning the learning progress. The content and topics of the course were adapted to the students’ wishes and needs, which was really nice. A lot of class material was given which can be still accessed after the end of the course. Between the lessons there was an offline hour during which it was possible to do some exercises, to talk to the teacher or to stay in the zoom session to practise speaking by having a chat with the other students. In the afternoon after the course, it was also possible to do some exercises. These could be sent to the teacher who showed and explained the correction the next day.

It always felt like the teacher was very interested in the needs and progress of the students. It was always possible to contact the teacher in case of questions. With the course I practised a lot and improved my English skills, which was my intention in doing the course.

I really enjoyed the language course and the social program in the afternoon including a quiz hour, information about British life and history and a fitness session and always had great fun. I wouldn’t have missed the time. At the end of the course I (and I think everyone in my group) felt a little bit sad, because it was such a good time with everyone, but I think back very happily to that beautiful time…

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