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Week commencing 5 March 2018 – -ED/-ING QUIZ

This week we’re looking at -ed and
-ing adjectives – for example, ‘bored’ and ‘boring’.

We use the -ed ending to describe how someone or something is feeling.

We use the -ing ending to describe the person or thing that makes us feel that way!

Example: ‘This lesson is boring.’
‘I’m bored with this lesson.’

Can you choose the correct adjective in these sentences?

1) I watched a very EXCITED/EXCITING film last night.
2) I’m EXHAUSTED/EXHAUSTING! It’s been a long day!
3) Peter is the most BORED/BORING person I’ve ever met!
4) She was AMAZED/AMAZING when she saw the view.
5) His exam results were very
6) The history of my city is FASCINATED/FASCINATING.
7) Stop it! You’re so ANNOYED/ANNOYING!
8) He’s so RELAXED/RELAXING – he never gets stressed!

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