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Week commencing Monday 26th February: SOUNDS AND SPELLING Quiz

This week we’re looking at spelling and pronunciation. This can be a big problem when you’re learning English! Often two words include the same combination of letters but are pronounced in very different ways. Sometimes they look very different, but are pronounced in a similar way. It can be confusing!

Try these two exercises.


A) These words have the same vowel sound but different spellings. Can you guess and then complete the words with the correct vowels? (A,E,I,O or U)

1) Many people drink this in the morning. It’s often made from oranges or apples: J _ _ C E
2) This is something we all need to stay alive! F _ _ D
3) How to get from one place to another: R _ _ TE
4) The opposite of a lie is the TR _ TH
5) How you eat a toffee or gum: CH _ W.


B. Can you say which word has a different vowel sound in each group of words?

1) love move glove
2) some come home
3) good flood should
4) wood good blood
5) great seat heat





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