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QUIZ OF THE WEEK commencing 21st May 2018: ADJECTIVE + NOUN collocations

Can you match the adjectives with their noun collocations? ADJECTIVES              NOUN hasty                              divorce mixed                             humour total                […]

QUIZ OF THE WEEK 7th May 2018: Summer Vocabulary

So… this week’ s quiz is all about vocabulary. These anagrams are all things we associate with summer. It’s nearly here! Can you unscramble the words? There is a clue after each one, to help you. 1) hnesnuis (We had lots of this at the weekend!) 2) cei mecra (Delicious!) 3) nmsimwgi (an activity) 4) […]

Week commencing 19th March 2018 – ‘GET’ PHRASAL VERBS QUIZ

Can you put the correct phrasal verbs (from the list below) in the correct gaps? You may need to change the form (e.g. -ing form / tense). get off with      get away with        get at (x 2) get round        get over         get through    […]

Week commencing 12th March 2018: GENERAL GRAMMAR QUIZ

Some mixed grammar problems for you this week! Can you correct the mistakes in these sentences? 1) I’ll be an astronaut when I grow up! 2) I’m sorry, I’m not understanding this question. 3) Have you any brothers or sisters? 4) I had a bath when the phone rang. 5) He has beautifuls flowers in […]

Week commencing 5 March 2018 – -ED/-ING QUIZ

This week we’re looking at -ed and -ing adjectives – for example, ‘bored’ and ‘boring’. We use the -ed ending to describe how someone or something is feeling. We use the -ing ending to describe the person or thing that makes us feel that way! Example: ‘This lesson is boring.’ ‘I’m bored with this lesson.’ […]

Week commencing Monday 26th February: SOUNDS AND SPELLING Quiz

This week we’re looking at spelling and pronunciation. This can be a big problem when you’re learning English! Often two words include the same combination of letters but are pronounced in very different ways. Sometimes they look very different, but are pronounced in a similar way. It can be confusing! Try these two exercises. _____________________________________________________________________ […]

Week commencing Monday 19th February: UK QUIZ

Something a bit different this week… a UK quiz! Can you answer the following questions? 1) What is the capital city of Wales? 2) What is the official address of the Prime Minister? 3) What is the telephone number for the emergency services? 4) What is the second biggest city in England (after London)? 5) […]