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We are delighted to announce the news of a special award presented to Tessa Woodward, who many of our readers will remember as a key member of the teacher training team at Hilderstone for many years.  Tessa retired from Hilderstone in 2016 but has remained active in the profession, editing the Teacher Trainer and maintaining […]

Instant CoursePricer now available on our website!

We are delighted to announce a new tool on our website, which makes it very easy to see the price of a course.  Just enter the dates and a few details and you will, in a few seconds, see a full price quotation for the course details you have entered. It’s easy to use.  On […]

NEW! Online direct booking fee calculator

Check out our new direct booking fee calculator on our website, to check the cost of your Hilderstone College course quickly and easily. Simply click on the link below: http://www.hilderstone.ac.uk/courses/CoursePricer.html

A Discussion-Based Approach to Reading Comprehension – By Rachel Connabeer

A Discussion-Based Approach to Reading Comprehension There is an adage I remember from my schooldays which was along the lines of ‘you get as much out of a text as you are prepared to put into it’. Lunzer (1979, p.18ff) provides seven reasons why reading may be more demanding than listening. Point six seems to […]