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Hilderstone College English Studies Centre: Accredited English Language School

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Hilderstone College is a specialist English language centre based in Broadstairs. We offer a wide range of English language courses for adult learners (aged sixteen and above) from all over the world. We also provide courses for teenagers in school groups.

Since 1970 the College has had an international reputation for quality. Hilderstone is accredited by the British Council and English UK. The English Language Gazette has identified the College as a centre of excellence since 2010.

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  • František, Czech Republic

    "Perfect, outstanding, superb, enjoyable, fine."

  • Anais, France

    "I sincerely enjoyed my stay in Broadstairs. The school, the teachers, the host family and the city. Everything was perfect."

  • Christian, Austria

    "Everything in walking distance, good facilities, beautiful surroundings, close to London."

  • Christianne, Germany

    "It was a unique and special experience – something inbetween English lessons and holidays. Moreover, I never had such an honest insight into English mentality and culture. Great!"

  • Stefano, Italy

    "I really enjoyed the Multimedia Learning Centre. In fact I think that it has been very useful to improve my language skills."

  • Olga, Russia

    "I’ve improved not only my English, I’ve got a new experience about other countries and their cultures."

  • Bandar, Kuwaiti

    "The teachers are very helpful and it’s like a big family."

Hilderstone College - Accommodation


Hilderstone will arrange for you to stay in half-board homestay accommodation (breakfast and dinner every weekday, and breakfast, lunch and dinner at weekends). Full-board option available for groups.

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Hilderstone College - Social Programme

Social Programme

Take a look at our varied social programme, specially prepared for students from all over the world: dancing, disco, karaoke, workshops and evening talks, as well as excursions to London and other cities.

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Hilderstone College - Location


The College is in the seaside town of Broadstairs in south-east England, only 110 km from London (80 minutes by high speed train), and 30 minutes from the historic city of Canterbury. A great location!

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Our most recent blog posts

Hilderstone College - Daughter follows in her mother's footsteps to Hilderstone!

Daughter follows in her mother's footsteps to Hilderstone!

By Dave McKenna

The summers sun has well and truly set for another year here in beautiful

Broadstairs. This Sunday, just gone, marked the demise of the lighter warmer

months with the clocks going back an hour.

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Hilderstone College - BACK TO BROADSTAIRS - A student's return to Hilderstone

BACK TO BROADSTAIRS - A student's return to Hilderstone

In 2015 I was in Broadstairs for one week with my school. It was the first time I had been to the seaside, and I took a picture, me in front of the sea. After school I hadnt any connection to English at all. As it turn

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Hilderstone College - Hilderstone College on the BBC

Hilderstone College on the BBC

Our Principal discusses the problems regarding travel ID requirements for EU students post-Brexit

Government policy after Brexit now means that all students coming to the UK must have a valid passport . Before Brexit

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