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English Teacher Development Courses

About Teacher Development

A wide range of professional development courses for teachers of English and/or CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning).



Since 1970, Hilderstone College has established an outstanding reputation for running top-quality teacher training courses. We currently run courses for secondary and higher education English teachers and CLIL teachers from around the world. Our highly experienced trainers ensure that our professional development courses provide you with the ideal opportunity to improve your English language, develop your teaching skills and share teaching ideas.

Language Development

Morning classes are language intensive and are designed to help you improve your fluency and command of English in stimulating ways. We use a continuously updated range of resources and materials to provide you with the ideal opportunity to enrich your language and experience current approaches to exploiting authentic texts, audio-visual resources, the internet and communication technology in the classroom.

Teacher Development

In the afternoons there are course options allowing you to focus on areas of interest to you. Options are Creative Teaching and Culture or CLIL. 

Outreach Teachers

For many schools, sending  teachers to the UK may be too difficult to organise within a busy curriculum. We offer a solution: we would come to your school instead.


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