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What Students Say

It is essential that our students are happy with all aspects of their stay. To help us monitor this we ask every student completing a course at Hilderstone College to evaluate their whole experience: the College, the classes and teaching, the social programme, the facilities, the town and their homestay accommodation. Over the last 3 years (2019 - 2021) 96% of students said the College was 'good' or 'very good' (based on responses in end-of-course questionnaires).

General Comments

  • Matilda, Albania

    I was very happy everything was fantastic. All the teachers were good and I really liked [it]

  • Saad, Saudi Arabia

    I would like to say thank you for the way you are treating the students here. You make us feel like family.

  • Silja, Switzerland

    I never felt like I was alone, there was always someone who could help me and someone I could ask if I had a problem.

  • Álvaro, Spain

    Exceptional. Awesome!

  • Tabea, Germany

    Amazing! Exciting, educational and funny at the same time.

  • Jan, Czech Republic

    Haven't come upon a problem, that couldn't be solved.

  • Oskar, Germany

    Great organziation, excellent tutors, great group and dynamic exchange, google drive = perfect way to share worksheets with the students

  • Leanne, Switzerland

    Perfectly custom-built for our individual needs

  • Martha, Germany

    Well chosen mixture of grammar, cultural information, and writing and speaking skills! Different learning situations (in groups, with partners, alone, presentations, ...) diversified the program.

  • Tomomi, Japan

    The snack bar is very nice. I could have delicious lunch every day. I was happy. [The] snack bar’s people were very helpful. I found interesting and helpful the lessons.

  • Britta, Germany

    All the staff were very friendly, highly motivated and always helpful – thank you!

  • Kristýna, Czech Republic

    The snack bar has many delicious meals, which are all healthy!

  • Michaël, The Netherlands

    The quality of the programme, the teachers and Hilderstone staff, as well as the host families, is wonderful and very well-suited for our stay.

  • Anais, France

    I sincerely enjoyed my stay in Broadstairs. The school, the teachers, the host family and the town. Everything was perfect.

  • Nadine, Germany

    [The College administration is] well organised. Student Services always tried their best to help us in every situation. Thank you!

  • Marco, Italy

    I really enjoyed the rule we couldn’t speak Italian, so everyone tried to find English words and my vocabulary has improved.

  • Christianne, Germany

    It was a unique and special experience – something inbetween English lessons and holidays. Moreover, I never had such an honest insight into English mentality and culture. Great!

  • Hector, Spain

    I have had a fantastic experience because I learnt lots of things and had fun.

  • Jiwon, Korea

    I lived in the UK and I didn’t miss Korea. I really want to stay more.

  • Lara, Germany

    It was incredible, time flew and I can’t wait to be back here with you.

  • Javier. Spain

    The College is like a big family.

  • Olga, Russia

    I’ve improved not only my English, I’ve got a new experience about other countries and their cultures.

  • Cita, Germany

    It was very easy to get in contact with [everyone], and the activities were unforgettable. The encounter with different people shapes the character of a person – it is an inspiration.

  • Marika, Italy

    I learned such a lot in these two weeks and I won’t ever forget these 14 days. Also the social activities (excursions) were a welcome change.

  • Paula, Spain

    I’m very happy because I have practised a lot of speaking, also we have communicated with students from other countries. I love [the administration staff], they are really kind people.

  • Nitirath, Thailand

    Actually, I have to tell you first that I have had a great time with everyone and I’m so happy because I’ve had a chance to share a good time with people I’ve met in our school. By the way, I always think that this place is my second [home].

  • Charlotte, Germany

    I really enjoyed my stay at Hilderstone, especially because of the people, the warm atmosphere [and] very interesting excursions.

  • Sebastian, Switzerland

    I've learnt so much in these three weeks. I am very thankful for that, now I am feeling much more confident in my English skills in general.

  • Aleksandr, Russia

    Everyone is very kind, open to talk and share an information.

  • Miguel, Spain

    The communication as well as the administration were excellent and made it all easy for us. Since the first day I was welcomed at the class and felt very comfortable, the teachers were so kind and they explained clearly. I learnt many things such as new phrasal verbs, a lot of useful language and reviews of essential grammar.

Nationality Mix

  • Aneka, Russia

    I like that there [are] a lot of opportunities to improve your English, and there are a lot of people from foreign countries who are nice and friendly. Teachers also help you to feel as [if] you are at home.

  • Olga, Russia

    I've improved not only my English, I’ve got a new experience about other countries and their cultures.

  • Cristiana, Italy

    You can meet a lot of new people from the whole world, learning something also from them.

  • Alberta, Italy

    I met a lot of people of different countries, I [learnt about] different lifestyles and cultures and I enjoyed myself a lot with ‘my colleagues’!

  • Diana, Russia

    It was very interesting to communicate with people from other countries.

  • Giuseppe, Italy

    I enjoyed meeting people from all over the world and the possibility to [share] experiences and to speak in English all the time.


  • Dominik, Switzerland

    Every worksheet was made personally by the teachers and were perfectly assigned to the topics we practised ind classes. In the Learning Center the listening stations are very good and the book I used to practice vocabulary was just as good.

  • Naiara, Spain

    I have learnt a lot and I have noticed that I improved my speaking and listening. Everything was very useful and I enjoyed it a lot.

  • Astrit, Switzerland

    Everything was understandable and I am sure that I am going to use the materials to practice again

  • Rangel, Bulgaria

    The lessons were well structured. There was a nice balance between grammar exercises and discussions with emphasis on cultural insights. We also played some games which were good fun. The materials were great and multifarious. There were informative articles, powerpoints, funny youtube videos, fascinating podcasts, all kinds of recommendations for books and films. Thus, we had the opportunity to dive deeper in the English culture and societal conventions.

  • Linus, Germany

    The lessons were very engaging and have definitely improved both my writing and speaking. The individual feedback was especially helpful as it uncovered small mistakes I would not have found on my own. The course covered a broad range of topics but still managed to show the nuances of each one.

  • Aleksandr, Russia

    The process of studying C1 level was very interesting. That's the first time for 2-3 years I've started learning something different, which was completely new to me. Teacher always tried to find weaknesses and to work on them in order to improve myself. Materials are very different. I had an opportunity to speak on very different subjects. And tutor tried to find the most interesting topics for the group.

  • Leanne, Switzerland

    Hybrid lessons were very well organised and well prepared... I laughed a lot and I'd definitely recommend Hilderstone to my colleagues

  • Maria, Germany

    Discussions in classes, variety of subjects in lessons, very kind and witty teachers. I have learnt several useful idioms and new vocabulary and I have become more confident in speaking English.

  • Kristýna, Czech Republic

    The lessons were very good. I was in other summer schools in previous years but this was the best. I’m happy.

  • Ekaterina, Russia

    I finally understand the basis of English and I [find] it much easier now, especially in terms of grammar.

  • Sonja, Germany

    It was always a lot of fun. Great teachers! Thanks for the great time. My pronunciation is much better now and I know more vocabulary. Furthermore I’ve learned new sentence constructions. Hilderstone College helps you to improve your English!

  • Florian, Switzerland

    I made a lot of progress and the teachers did an outstanding job.

  • Britt, The Netherlands

    I really enjoyed the lessons. Due to the nice way of teaching I really think I improved my English level, and especially my confidence while speaking and presenting.

  • Viviane, Spain

    Great teacher, really good materials and much food for thought.

  • Julie, Czech Republic

    I had a really good time. The lessons online with our teacher Jo were awesome. She was very cheerful and helpful. It felt like we were all back in Broadstairs even though it was online.

  • Katalin, Hungary

    All our teachers were helpful and it was a privilege to work with them.

  • Lara, Germany

    The teachers were absolutely amazing.

  • Geesje, the Netherlands

    Inspiring, enthusiastic teachers. Pleasure to meet them!

  • Leopold, Germany

    The teachers at Hilderstone are very committed and the quality of the content and the classes in general was outstanding.

  • Aria, the Netherlands

    All the teachers are very friendly and enthusiastic.

  • Laura, Germany

    All teachers are great. I have never met [such] passionate, motivated and competent teachers before.

  • Paula, Spain

    [The] teachers overcome every expectation... they give you the confidence and their relentless support and coaching in order to improve your English.

  • Lea, Switzerland

    I was happy with the teachers and thankful that they provided such high-quality lessons.

  • Anke, Germany

    Motivated and inspirational tutors. Great feedback…. constructive and helpful. Thank you.

  • Cécile, France

    Just don’t change anything! It’s really a good way to teach English!

  • Marika, Italy

    The teachers were excellent and professional. They used a variety of different teaching methods and time flew. I learned such a lot in these two weeks.

  • Laura, Germany

    The lessons were great fun and David has managed to tailor the content to everyone's needs in order to cover everyone's weak points. I definitely learned as much as I had fun doing it.

  • Ekaterina, Russia

    The teachers were really polite and helpful, they tried to make our lessons more interesting and enjoy[able].

  • Johanna, Austria

    I enjoyed the teachers’ sense of humour greatly, which added to making the lessons fun.

  • Fabian, Germany

    Our teacher did a great job. I always felt confident in our group.

  • Cristiana, Italy

    I think that the teachers of Hilderstone College perfectly know how to involve the class during the lessons.

  • Tomomi, Japan

    There are a lot of good teachers. It was exciting every day. [The teachers are] very kind and helpful.

  • Bandar, Kuwait

    The teachers are very helpful and it’s like a big family.

  • Charlotte, Germany

    The teachers were excellent, and very motivated and encouraging.

  • Diana, Russia

    All teachers are very funny and friendly :)

  • Carolin, Germany

    Our teacher did a great job of implementing all our wishes into the course work and making it a fun experience studying grammar and vocabulary.

  • Sebastian, Switzerland

    I personally have learnt more in the past week than in the entire last year at my school in Switzerland. Amazing work. Thank you.

  • Marlene, Germany

    The lessons were highly educational and simultaneously truly delightful. I never expected to have so much fun while leaning so much. Our teacher created a wonderful atmosphere during the course, which is even more impressive since it was all online.

  • Noah, Switzerland

    I had a really motivated and professional teacher and I could benefit a lot.

  • Hector, Spain

    I have learnt lots of new things, such as new phrasal verbs or some idioms, and I have absolutely improved my speaking skills. New vocabulary, reading, phrasal verbs and speaking were very useful to me because I have boosted my English level.

  • Julien, France

    Excellent [teachers], good classes... It was perfect!

  • Constanze, Austria

    I just loved the lessons. Thank you for your effort and inspiring input. I learned a lot.

Teacher Development Courses

  • Petra, Czech Republic

    There are fantastic teachers. We got a lot of useful ideas for teaching and could make our English better. For me the fluency in speaking English is the most important. I met people who inspired me.

  • Joachim, Germany

    The course is wonderful, structured, enlightening, fun to do, promoting your own ideas, furthering your left-alone pedagogical pathways, showing more ways to teach better and more efficiently

  • Lenka, Czech Republic

    It's very inspiring motivating and encouraging. I'm so happy here. Everything is well organised and staff are so helpful and friendly.

  • Dennis, The Netherlands

    I found the language games [...] fun, interesting and useful. I think the CLIL bits [...] were very helpful, practical and very useful.

  • Yvonne, Germany

    I am just back from the TESOL conference in Paris where I had a great time. Whilst there I met up with Rachel Connabeer whom I had previously met at a conference in Germany. I heard her speak at both conferences and was really impressed by her talk, it was packed with teaching ideas and she shared her knowledge easily. I was not the only one who thought so either - looking at some of our feedback forms other were impressed too!'

  • Márta Nádiné, Hungary

    I was part of a wonderful group of people. We had two brilliant, inspiring teachers, who taught us so many new words, phrases [and] idioms and gave us a lot of teaching materials.

  • Angélica Alejandra, Argentina

    I have learnt a lot from everyone at Hilderstone. Excellent teachers and staff. An unforgettable experience. Thanks!

  • Katelin Vilma, Hungary

    All our teachers were helpful and it was a privilege to work with them.

  • Hanneke, the Netherlands

    Amazing teachers. I learned a lot of new English words and grammar but also from their didactical work methods.

  • Johanna, Austria

    I enjoyed [my teachers’] lessons very much, because they were varied and interesting. I also enjoyed the teachers’ sense of humour greatly, which added to make the lessons fun.

  • Helena, Czech Republic

    In merely two weeks I have learned a lot. Not only was there time for CLIL-focused lessons and methodology, but also for expanding and revising. Our fabulous teacher helped us with any problem we had and was incredibly kind to send us a variety of materials for practice and also later use in our lessons.

Homestay Hosts

  • Muteb, Saudi Arabia

    I’m lucky my host family were very kind and friendly. They welcomed me as part of their family they talked to me and we went on outings and we had lots of fun. I will miss them.

  • Aleksandr, Russia

    I felt myself like in my own home. Everything was on the highest level. They were brilliant. I've never so much delicious food in my life. [My host] is an amazing cooker.

  • Lenka, Czech Republic

    All members of the family were extremely friendly, treated me like part of their family and I felt totally at ease in their home.

  • Britta, Germany

    I felt [at] home… They live very close to the College.

  • Anne, Switzerland

    Everything was perfect. I couldn’t imagine getting a better host family. They made me feel very welcome and talked a lot to me and motivated me to speak English.

  • Diana, Russia

    My host family were very friendly and kind. It was very interesting and unusual to communicate with them. The food was also good!

  • Lucia, Spain

    They were very nice and always asked us about our day/evening.

  • Jana, Czech Republic

    My host family was very friendly […], I felt as comfortable as if I [were] at home. Their food was excellent and I had [different meals] every day. They helped me with speaking and grammar. I think I have found a new family.

  • Miriam, Germany

    I really enjoyed the feeling of being a part of the family and the nice conversations. My stay couldn’t have been better. Thanks.

  • Natascha, the Netherlands

    We were very lucky to meet such sweet and caring people who can make you laugh your socks off.

  • Hector, Spain

    Everything was exceptional. They were so kind to me and that is the thing I have most liked.

  • Tomomi, Japan

    It was fantastic and enjoyable every day. My host family is very kind, so it was comfortable for me.

  • Lenka, Czech Republic

    All members of the family were extremely friendly, treated me like part of their family and I felt totally at ease in their home.

  • Leoni, Germany

    I felt welcomed and ‘at home’ from the beginning! They are great and open-minded people.

  • Hanneke, the Netherlands

    A very friendly host family with a good sense of humour and a lovely dog. I enjoyed my stay with them a lot.

  • Aleksandr, Russia

    They are amazing. We always talked about different subjects, they were kind and polite. I had no problems during my stay. I felt like [I was] in my own home. Everything was on the highest level. They were brilliant. I've never so much delicious food in my life.

  • Vanessa, Italy

    [I have enjoyed] the friendly and happy atmosphere, the different lifestyle, the [willingness to help].

  • Sonja, Germany

    I could spend a lot of time talking to them and I was treated like a family member. It was a lot of fun and a great time. Such a lovely family! They will be missed! We will keep in contact! I cannot believe how time flies.

  • Clàudia, Spain

    The home was perfect for me and my partner. It was a comfortable and good experience. They talked with us every day and they were interested if we were comfortable at the home.

  • Cristina, Italy

    My host mum and dad made me feel ‘at home’, they took care of me as if I was their real daughter and for any kind of problem they were always able to help me in solving it. That’s why it’s the second year I have come to this family.

  • Ayumi, Japan

    They are very kind! I love my host family so much!

  • Liubov, Russia

    It was a great chance to know something new about British family [life] and to practise our speech skills.

  • Michelle, Switzerland

    They were so friendly and the meals were also good. I will miss them.

Social Activities

  • Pascale, Switzerland

    It is good that the programme is different each day. Also the people were there are really friendly.

  • Christiane, Germany

    The programme was stunning! I loved the excursions, the talks and the dance classes!

  • Livia, Switzerland

    We did many excursions which I really enjoyed.

  • Hector, Spain

    Everything was perfect.

  • Magdalena, Czech Republic

    The activities were great to meet other students and make new friends.

  • Leonhard, Germany

    The trips on Friday afternoon were great!

  • Ioana-Antonia, Romania

    I really enjoyed the trips to different places and the disco evenings because you get in contact with other students and have the whole day (during trips) to get to know each other better.

  • Cita, Germany

    The activities were unforgettable.

  • Miguel, Spain

    I loved all the games that the College [provided] for us.

Student Learning Facilities

  • Nicola, Switzerland

    Very interesting books and listening.

  • Annemarie, Germany

    A lot of opportunities and facilities were provided to [help us] progress. I’ve visited some other language schools before, and this one provided the best study facilities.

  • Constanze, Austria

    [The Learning Centre] seemed to be very modern and learner-friendly.

  • Lenka, Czech Republic

    The Learning Centre is very helpful and I also appreciated that I had a chance to try CAE mock exams.

  • Philipp, Germany

    The Google Drive file is well-structured and easy to work with.

  • Stefano, Italy

    I really enjoyed the Multimedia Learning Centre. In fact, I think that it has been very useful to improve my language skills.

  • Clàudia, Spain

    The College has all the things that I think we could need.

  • Lorenz, Germany

    Using the Google Drive folders was very uncomplicated – everything worked well.

  • Michelle, Switzerland

    It was great that we had a Learning Centre! I could practise my listening skill.

  • Oskar, Germany

    A brilliant idea to use Google Drive, I like to work with it, because you can share worksheets and exercises very fast.

  • Miguel, Spain

    The College [provides] a lot of rooms where you can have an excellent break and essential facilities like a canteen or available Wi-fi at every place of the College.

Broadstairs and the Local Area

  • Christian, Germany

    What a quaint town by the sea, with charm and kindness!

  • Rhe, Estonia

    The College has an amazing location. Everything is close! I like that the city is small so you quickly get to know the area. Other than that the beach is amazing and the small secret streets are definitely memorable.

  • Hector, Spain

    Such lovely people round Broadstairs. I felt as if I was at home.

  • Zakhar, Russia

    A quite beautiful town with excellent beach

  • Christian, Austria

    Everything in walking distance, good facilities, beautiful surroundings, close to London.

  • Florian, Switzerland

    [Broadstairs is a] very nice place; I liked the atmosphere. It was a good mix between being quiet and having possibilities to go out.

  • Miguel, Spain

    It was a lovely place with a lot of culture and beautiful buildings.

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