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Pre-course test and needs-analysis questionnaire

Pre-course Test

Please do this test in 45 minutes with no help and no dictionary.

Part 1

Choose the correct answer:

Part 2

Fill in the missing words in the spaces provided: (USE ONLY ONE WORD IN EACH SPACE)

How you and how is life back home in Madrid? It's been a weeks since I last sent you an email. That's I've been so busy!
I have been in Broadstairs studying and enjoying myself. There are many things I find strange. For , I haven't used to hearing English all the time yet. Funny, isn't ?
I'm going to take an exam in two months' and then I'm going back to the Czech Republic. As as I get back I have to find a job, won't be easy, I know. the way, have you found any work yet? I hope so.
Well, I'd stop now, there's a social activity in the College tonight and some friends are here to my house first. Email me or phone me on my mobile you're not too busy, of course!
Lots of love,

Part 3

Why are you studying English? Please write +/- 150 words about (i) your experience of learning English; and (ii) why you need English in the future.

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